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Our Goal       

To deliver knowledge management solutions with eficiency and quality so one can automate routines and procedures allowing our customers to achieve their objectives with ease.   [More]  

Are you a seminar and course manager ?
A Internet é muito útil à uma Associação de Especialistas !
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Brazil uses Evento Eletrônico
Maior encontro mundial de executivos (Expomanagement ) renova com MZO
MZO is developing software for USA and France
Sociedade Brasileira de Geofísica utiliza serviços da MZO
Evento Eletrônico       

Evento Eletrônico is a powerful web tool designed for Congress, Fair and Seminar management and publishing.
Through Evento Eletrônico the manager enriches his event, reduces costs, concentrate information, automates and controls operations.   [More]  
Research Networks       

It is a tool which concentrates project management, research and development for student and researcher communities and institutional issues. Very useful to universities and research groups.

Three important Research Networks use our system.   [More]  
Special Projects       

Projects designed according to the customer needs. Solutions in various areas such trainings, database reviewing and management and mailings.
Tell us about your needs.